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Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Adoption

Every family faces issues. Sometimes, those issues require taking legal action. The attorneys at Cameron Beech Legal Group understand the difficulty and complexity of family-related legal issues and can assist you through the legal process.

Whether you are contemplating divorce, experiencing post-divorce custody or child support issues, seeking to establish your parentage or assert your parental rights, working through a DCFS case or looking to expand your family through adoption, the attorneys at Cameron Beech Legal Group will draw on their experience to guide you to your and your family's best possible outcome.


Property Disputes, Breach of Contract

Sometimes things go wrong and it feels like your only option is to seek relief in a court of law. But working a lawsuit through the legal system may strike you as a daunting, if not impossible, proposition. With the assistance of the attorneys at Cameron Beech Legal Group--who collectively have dozens of years of experience navigating Utah courts and winning excellent outcomes for their clients--it doesn't have to be.


At Cameron Beech Legal Group we will assist you in assessing the merits of your case, negotiating an out-of-court resolution, and, if necessary, commencing and competently prosecuting a lawsuit on your behalf, all while working to keep your legal costs low and manageable.



Wills, Trusts, Probate, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives

The attorneys at Cameron Beech Legal Group understand the importance of preparation-in-advance, and can assist you in planning for the future by drafting wills, durable powers of attorney and health care directives, as well as by forming and maintaining trusts. They also have the experience and sensitivity necessary to guide you through administering a loved one's estate or advising you on how to best honor your loved one's end-of-life preferences and directives.


No matter your estate-related issue, Cameron Beech Legal Group can assist you in making the best possible choices for you and your family.


Business Registration, Contracts & Negotiation

Starting a business but not sure of the legal steps required? Already own a business but unfamiliar with the legal formalities associated with operating it? Considering selling your business or merging with another one but not sure how to proceed? Winding down but don't know where to start?

No matter your situation, Cameron Beech Legal Group can help. From registering LLCs, corporations and DBAs to drafting contracts to assisting you through difficult and complex business transactions, the attorneys at Cameron Beech Legal Group have the experience you need for your business-related issues.

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